We Are Not Afraid

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, the world watches in fear to see what happens next. Over 100 people died in this devastating event, and the whole country of France and the surrounding world feels the weight of the tragedy. As tensions rise, so do conflicting opinions on the refugee crisis, Islamophobia, gun control, and war in the middle east.

     While many of those arguments are completely valid and do need to be discussed, it is not appropriate to use this tragedy as a platform to shout out opinions on social issues. Real people died and are affected by the events that unfolded. It is insulting to the victims and the nation of France to immediately shut down any actions they take as Islamophobic. People on social media have been turning the attacks into a social justice trend to defend muslims and criticize political figures for wanting to send more troops into Syria and the rest of the middle east. Now is not the time for that.

     Those discussions will need to be had, but at the moment, a nation is mourning. Let people have the time to heal and feel all of the emotions appropriate for the events that have unfolded. It is a time for grieving but also to stand arm and arm and fight for freedom. This is a moment when everyone needs to stand in solidarity with France, and show respect for their emotions and decisions. They have just experienced their 9/11 moment and the world needs to stand with them.

     ISIS wants people to be afraid. They want people to fight amongst themselves while they plan more attacks and terrorize more people. They do not care about religion, tradition, or respect. They want to change the world for their cause, and it’s time for the world to stand united against that. Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité.