With Love, From the Author

I disagree with the administration, and that should be okay. A column in response to the article on pg. 12-13.

For me, as a young woman, a feature article on dress code was next to impossible to write. With every objective word I wrote it felt as if I was going against everything that I believe in. This issue has far surpassed having to wear leggings under my skirt, and I don’t believe that lack of communication is the issue here. I feel heard by the administration, and I feel that I have been able to objectively hear what they have to say as well. That doesn’t change the facts here. A part of the reasoning behind the decision to require leggings is that women should dress in a way that doesn’t distract men. The fact is, women are not objects. So why is society objectifying us? The female population does not exist solely to cater to the needs of men, nor do men exist to cater to women. So why are women around the world being told it is their responsibility to change the way they dress in order to appease men?

The argument that uses Romans 14:13 is fair but misguided. It is impractical to tell God’s children that they should keep from doing anything that causes their brother to stumble, because anything that we do can cause someone somewhere to sin. Should WCA’s football team stop winning because it leads the other team to jealous thoughts? Should a student who got into Harvard with hard work not attend because it causes her best friend to covet her intelligence? Should people stop buying expensive cars or objects that tempt others into theft? And should a woman stop wearing what she wants because a man may lust after her? No.

Romans 14 tells us to do best by our brothers out of love, it does not however say that Christians should go against their own conscience in order to accommodate for the needs of others. An individual is solely responsible for their sin, and if a loved one is struggling through sin, we should do what we feel is best in order to help them. If a Westminster male has become distracted by lustful thoughts, the way to help is not to change the way women dress. As soon as he leaves WCA he will be tragically unprepared and unable to handle his thoughts. The only way to truly help our brother is to teach him to control his thoughts and actions; this is what will best prepare him for his time after Westminster. This is how we can show love to others.

Women can wear whatever they want! Whether that be a crop-top or a turtleneck, women have the right to wear what makes them feel comfortable. I’m not advocating that WCA shouldn’t require leggings or that they should stop encouraging modesty. We should all dress modestly at WCA out of respect for the professional environment that the school has strived to create. I will continue to dress modestly in the name of professionalism, but never will I alter the way that I dress because a man lacks self-control.

As a society and a school, we need to fix what is broken. Let’s stop telling girls how they should dress, and let’s start teaching men how they can control their thoughts and actions. Stop blaming young women for the lust of their male classmates, and start talking with young men about how they can learn to keep their thoughts pure and actions respectful. Women are not objects, and neither are men, so let’s encourage mutual respect and courtesy between the two sexes instead of persecuting one for their wardrobe. Changing the way someone dresses won’t solve anything but changing the way an individual thinks can and will change everything.

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