The Best of this Summer

Unbeknownst to many, teenagers have given summer somewhat of a structure. Sleeping, eating, and netflixing normally fill the day time but night time is reserved for one thing: concerts. Some concerts are legendary, while others are hardly worthwhile. With summer drawing to a close, several students recap their favorite – and not so favorite – summer concerts.

     “The BØRNS concert was my favorite. Bleachers opened and both the bands  have amazing lead singers.” said Rebekah Shields, junior.

      “Walk the Moon was the best; they had great energy and really got the crowd going.” said Camryn Williams, junior.

       “J. Cole was my favorite, because J. Cole is just so good.” said Sydney Driscoll, junior.

     Did you miss going to see your favorite band this summer? The time for concerts isn’t over yet! Check out your favorite bands this fall, too.