Take Advantage of Your Time Here

Over a month into the new school year, post-summer depression seems to be slowly but surely wearing off. But don’t let that discourage you—classrooms will only feel like prison cells if you let them. Each new school day has the same potential to produce great memories just like each summer day. Whether you traveled across the world on summer seminar, traveled around the country competing in a sport, saw your favorite band live, conducted research in a lab, or just hung out with your friends at Taco Bell, your summer was not a waste of time. And neither is your school year.

The aura surrounding school is that it is a drag. That we are all forced out of our summer bliss and into the grief-ridden school year for our torture, agony, and despair. Can’t we put that predetermination aside? School can be a burden, but it is also a source of joy. Think of the relationships you have built with friends and teammates throughout your days at WCA and of that team, organization, or club in which you made an impact. This school gives outlets to harness your untapped capabilities and do something extraordinary. And the only person stopping you is you.

Yes, hitting the books can be painful sometimes—especially in the middle of a week when you have two papers due, work every night, sports practice, and an improv show to host at the end of the week—but this year has unimaginable potential.

The Roar staff would like to encourage you all to hone in on your talents, pursue your interests, try new things, take chances, make new friends, and take advantage of every moment. You may be surprised at the memories you can make.