Questions About Learning

Students could have an enhanced learning experience if they had a way to discuss topics that are not necessarily part of a class’s curriculum, but are somehow related to the subject of the class.

For instance, the day after taking a test, or maybe even just once a month, teachers could dedicate an entire class period for students to ask any questions or to have discussions on interesting topics about the subject. Not only would this give students a break from the constant cycle of listening to lectures and taking tests, but it would encourage conversations and potentially spark interest subjects that never excited students before.

Back when I was in middle school, Mr. Scott, eighth grade Bible teacher, set aside the day after a test for his students to ask any questions they had regarding the Bible and theology. All kinds of interesting discussions took place, and even the quietest students were engaged and participating.

This might not work in every class, and doing it after every single test might crunch teachers’ schedules. However, if teachers and students were interested in the idea and found a way around these issues, it could be a beneficial learning experience at WCA.