A brief history of how this amazing week of giving began and how it continues to help the community today.


Maddox Rosenberg

Supplies donated to children during last year’s ITSOG week.

With ITSOG coming up tomorrow, the Westminster community and those involved with leadership worked with and prepared to give to many different organizations. The whole school gets involved with giving, and it is a special time of year where we can share blessings with the greater community. Most of the Westminster community is familiar with what ITSOG is today, but what most do not know is how it began.  

ITSOG was originally started in 1992 with a name that now could be seen as unusual. Back then, service projects were primarily how students were able to serve these organizations. The original name was ITSOS, which stood for In the Spirit of Service, a name that correlated more with the way that WCA served these organizations. Certain organizations were assigned to specific grades, and the grades would then partner, organize, and serve the organization in any way they could. At the time, those in charge of both STUCO and ITSOS, Florence Lewis and Sara Drexler, decided to combine and add the points each grade earned from ITSOS with Spirit Week. The more people who served, the more points could be given to their grade in order to win. “The Class of 1992 – Seniors at that time- didn’t take them seriously and ended up not winning Spirit Week. The connection was discontinued shortly after that,” said Susie Brown, Director of Student Life. 

After this event, ITSOS was transformed to something Westminster is more familiar with today. The name was changed to In The Spirit of Giving, and WCA found a way to make it more engaging for all students. Now, families can donate supplies and give money while also participating in an entertaining and engaging competition against other grades. On top of being a fun and competitive week, it is also an act of service that greatly effects all whom we serve. “Being the leader of the committee, I’ve gotten to see what we have done in the past and how it has influenced our community. We are making a difference in St. Louis by giving food and support to local shelters. As a part of ITSOG, we also reach outside of St. Louis which is really cool. The amount of emails I’ve already received has been extraordinary and reflects the importance of our past and future donations,” said Kylie Robertson, STUCO Officer and Director of the ITSOG organizations committee. 

Westminster has a broad history of service and giving to those in need. This year, Westminster will serve and partner with 11 organizations that help to benefit the St. Louis community and children in need.