“Cats with Bats” Headed to State

For the first time sine 2011, Westminster softball is headed to the Final Four!


Emily Griege.

The team poses for a picture after their victory in the state quarterfinal game.

Wednesday, October 20th the Westminster Wildcats softball team faced off against the Donaphine Donettes in the MSHSAA Class 3 state quarter-finals at Westminster Christian Academy. The Cats hosted the game, but there was a coin toss to determine the home team. “Picking heads is a power move.” said coach Dan Petke as he proceeded to win the coin toss.

The Donettes were going into the game with a 17-9 record with the Cats’ record at 19-6. The game moved along quickly with a few 3-batter innings in a row, keeping the score 0-0. Both teams were pitching well and their defenses kept runners off the bases. 

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Jadyn Patton was up to bat with Julia Martin on second. Patton fought hard at the plate and the Doniphan catcher dropped the stunning third strike. Jadyn was aware of the situation, thinking quickly to run to first where the catcher overthrew the first baseman. Martin followed Petke’s signs and scored on the error by the Donettes.

The run on the dropped third strike error eventually put the Donettes in a hard spot. The Wildcats were able to shut them down in the sixth inning. Finally, the Cats battled to two outs in the top of the seventh and the Donettes hit a grounder to junior shortstop Molly Kate Bugh. Bugh threw a strike to first to end the inning with three batters and send the Cats to the Class Three State Final Four. Senior Gabby Merrifield also pitched a complete game shutout to seal the deal for the cats.

The Wildcats will travel to Springfield Missouri for the Final Four for the first time since 2011 next Thursday for the State Semi-Final Friday morning against either Fatima or Seneca. “In this next week you will make memories you will tell your kids about.” said assistant coach Todd Zell to the team.