New Year, New Voice

STUCO has taken many forms and filled many roles in the WCA Community. They manage events, represent students to administration, and help serve people in and out of the Westminster Community. This year STUCO has introduced a new concept called “Town Halls”. 

Town Halls are meant to be a time where students can come and receive key information from their elected representatives, while also engaging with information given to them. 

“This is a time for STUCO to actively engage and communicate with students,” said Ashley Woodall, STUCO Director. 

In the first ever Town Hall, Officers discussed their areas of influence and another new concept, Class Dens.

One of STUCO’s three influence spheres is Government. The job of representing students to administration, addressing student concerns, and just listening to them. STUCO plans to send out surveys, use WCA Today, and have their email open throughout the year for students to give ideas to. 

STUCO also has a large hand in Community at Westminster. Planning events that make us closer at WCA. STUCO will be organizing the following events: Homecoming/Carnival (Sept 23-24), Dead Week Events (Oct 24-28), Powderpuff (Nov 5), and a Dodgeball Tournament (Dec 15). All of these events will help knit us together through fun experiences.

Lastly STUCO discussed Service: how Westminster helps those outside and inside our community. The following events are in motion: Little Bit Foundation (Aug 22 – Sept 2), ITSOG (Nov 7-11), Wee Wildcats (Nov 19), and an ongoing Encouragement and Gratitude Committee. All of these events will help strengthen WCA through selflessness and service.

The Town Hall was then closed out by the introduction of Class Dens. Every student is assigned to a STUCO Officer, in a group of about 20 people. This allows officers to engage with students personally, and get feedback in real time. This is a great way for accountability, and community engagement. 

STUCO is actively working to engage the student body through Government, Service, and Community.