Stand With Ukraine

Brief information about the current conflict in Ukraine, and how the Church and society is rallying around the Ukrainian people.


Elijah Schmidt

Ukraine is being invaded, but the Church is standing behind them.

On February 24th of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin carried out an invasion on the nation of Ukraine. Separatists in the eastern part of Ukraine have claimed land and Russian troops have arrived at Ukraine’s ports in the Black Sea. Through these terrible times the Church has been ever constant and aided those who need their aide. 

For those who have not kept themselves educated on these issues here is a quick summary. Russian forces followed through with an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. They have attacked on force axes of invasion, from the Black Sea, the North Eastern Border, from Belarus, and Crimea. As of right now the actions that have been taken by major world powers such as the United States have remained distanced. Imposed sanctions and bans on Russian imports have been the extent of American involvement. But Christians have done more in the realm of humanitarianism. 

One such organization is the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS). They have mobilized in such a way that strikes a chord within the hearts of many. UBTS has stopped using its facilities for classes and now they are a humanitarian outpost in the middle of a harsh conflict. So far they have transported 3,000 people abroad and have sheltered 4,150. With a team of only 75 volunteers these numbers are insurmountable and inexplicable. UBTS has mobilized so quickly and allied with their Christian convictions in such a compelling way. 

In addition to UBTS the organization Save the Children has been aiding refugees in their struggles as well. With child poverty rates going up to 57% in Ukraine it is no doubt their services are desperately needed, just as they have been doing for years. Since 2014 Save the Children has been operating in regions such as Donetsk and Luhansk aiding children in their turmoil. Working to help them overcome the psychological impacts of the conflict and help them cope with everyday life. 

To summarize I personally encourage you to donate online to Save the Children and the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. In these times we need to rally together whether Ukrainian or American, Christian or not, we all have a common cause.