BHM Recap


Sayva Phillips

The connection to be together, as one community. That is Westminster greater purpose.

How can someone celebrate or support a celebration that isn’t for them? Is that even possible without it coming off as disrespectful or cultural appropriation? Yes, of course it is possible and very comforting for those who the celebration is meant for. Black History Month is a celebration for black people of all shades. The reason it is celebrated is to recognize the work and achievements of all our black leaders and provide a reminder of all the black people who risked their lives for us today. So how exactly can white allies celebrate and honor this month with black people in their area? 

From a black perspective it is understandable to acknowledge and have faith and pride about the future even after 200 plus years of oppression. White allies can also participate in celebrating black empowerment by helping speak out against racism and adding to the strength of black legacies. It is important that the white community is aware of what is going on when it comes to racism and injustice within the black community. Being “woke” of what is happening and not only speaking out but also using your actions to put a stop to it. For example, calling out casual racism and having real conversations about racial inequality.   

Rather than just staying even with the surface, attempt to dig deeper. Instead of being educated about Martin Luther King Jr. or what Abraham Lincoln attempted to do, try understanding their motive behind the things they did. Give an insight to your family, friends, or children about the black excellence that doesn’t get much talked about. Not just in the past but the black pride and achievements that are occuring today. Yes, we know Harriet Tubman led the slaves through the underground railroad and that will forever be a legaice and a difference but did we know that Kamala harris is the first Black, Asian American woman Vice President, Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet in U.S History, or even Rashida Jones, first black woman excutive to run a television news network. There is so much blac excellence happening today that our allies can speak up about. 

Avoiding the, “Oh I’m not racist because my best friend is black” comment. This makes it seem as if the only reason for not being racist is because of that one black friend. Even though it might be true that they’re not racist it still gives no effort into the unjust racial system. Similar to hanging around people who use racial slurs normally or spending money in predominantly white areas. Like, that doesn’t make a white ally racist but just how the algorithm works and by default they are supporting a growing system of racial injustice. So another thing that our white allies could do would be supporting black owned businesses and giving to those communities.   

There are many other ways white allies could help but instead of giving out the ideas, as a white ally, approach black friends and ask what could be done to help, support and stand out. Not only should it be this month to finally speak up and speak out but any time there is slight inequality happening in the area. Make every month a black history month where one can educate themselves and do their part for the black people in the community.