I.T.S.O.G is in Full Swing!

Recapping donations so far and forecasting a winner.


Maggie Lindstrom

The freshmen pose with the third day of ITSOG.

Since I.T.S.O.G has started Westminster has really stepped up. Donations have been piling in and now is no time to stop. Below are the totals and winners of each day. 

On Monday when Westminster accepted food donations 2900 items in total were donated. And the winning class were the Juniors. The next day the Juniors came to the Hub to receive their discounted Paw-Print. Overall the Wildcats started out strong and definitely put food on the tables of many. They enjoy bringing in the items knowing that it could really help some people. “ITSOG is one of my favorite weeks of the year, because I enjoy bringing in items for charity” said, Maggie Lindstrom, Senior. 

Then on Tuesday, Pajamas were collected. When the day was said and done a little over 2300 items had been donated. Again Juniors sweeped the day with donations, but Freshmen trailed close behind. Juniors got to experience the rich flavors of a Paw-Print coffee two days in a row. Sadly on Pajama Day the Student Body did not go all out and as a result less items were donated. 

Then most recently on Wednesday, Toiletries were collected. At the end of the day 5700 items had been donated. To the disappointment of the other classes, Juniors won again. The incredible scent and taste of Paw-Print Coffee evaded the grasp of Freshmen once again. 

So far it would seem that Juniors are a clear winner. But it is not over yet. Freshmen are trailing close behind them. Although personally I believe it would take a lot for them to pass the formidable class. We will just have to wait and see. “While Juniors are still in the lead Freshmen are gaining on them quickly!” said Anna Grace Likes, Student Council Officer.  

I.T.S.O.G may be half way over but that is no excuse to stop giving. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal, and change the world through a spirit of giving. Let’s hope Juniors do not sweep the whole week, luckily other classes still have a chance at getting that pizza party.