I.T.S.O.G Just Started, Why Do We Care?

Why I.T.S.O.G is a vital part of our community.


Elijah Schmidt

I.T.S.O.G is starting up! Let’s get ready to help those in need.

A time to give and celebrate competition, I.T.S.O.G has been around for a long time. But why is this time of giving so important? And why do we as Christians have a mandate to help those in need? 

So what even is this Christly event? I.T.S.O.G stands for In The Spirit Of Giving. This is a very elaborate way to say “Donation Drive”. Each day for one week we have a specified item to bring into school (food, school supplies, toiletries, toys, etc.), and the class that brings the most items each day gets 10% off for Pawprint Coffee, and the overall winner gets a pizza party. It is an elaborate competition to see which class has the biggest heart, while giving back to the community. This year our I.T.S.O.G Organizations are as follows: African Vision of Hope, Freedom School, Friends of Kids with Cancer, Little Bit Foundation,  Sunshine Ministries, One Heart Ministries, Operation Christmas Child, and Whole Kids Outreach.   

But why do we donate? It is a fulfillment of our Christian Convictions. “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17. This is forever true, especially now that so many people need support during the Coronavirus Pandemic. From students in Africa to Cancer Patients in St. Louis, all of them have been affected by the events of these past few years. So let us go all out this week and give to those less fortunate than us. “We hope to aid in helping those in need throughout this week.” said Jack Wooldridge, Student Council Officer.  

Not only that but I.T.S.O.G helps set the stage for the entire season of giving. November and December are times when we give back to others in significant ways. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time when we get together and donate our time. Whether volunteering at a food pantry or cooking for your family, you are giving back to those in your community. Then following Thanksgiving we celebrate Christmas. A beautiful snowy season, and yet one fueled with joy and forgiveness. On this special day we give back to our friends and family by expressing our thanks that they are in our lives. Overall I.T.S.O.G marks the start of Westminster’s season of giving. 

To conclude, I hope to see everyone reading this show up and go all out. It is time for us to give back to those who are not as blessed as we are. And hopefully mirror Christ to those who are skeptical. “ Let’s give everything we have and open our hearts.” said Anna Grace Likes, Student Council Officer.