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Coffee for All; Meet the New Paw-print!

New coffee shop in the hub offers new business opportunities for students

August 29, 2021


Lucy Knerr

Who is ready for pawprint?

When talking to the Westminster community, you will find many agree that starting their educational day with a hot cup of coffee makes all the difference. After all, what student doesn’t enjoy the taste of decadent coffee right before the taste of success in that dreaded first period quiz? 

Westminster’s cultivated coffee career “Pawprint” has been up and running for five years and counting; but never has the school seen such growth for this business until now! Pawprint is getting a major upgrade along with its move into the Hub in this upcoming 2021 – 22 school year. With this transition into the new, fully renovated space, the extra space will allow multiple new additions to the business as a whole. 

Students in the business courses are able to enroll and work as employees in the school-led business , originally established by Mr. Bryan Maloy, a much loved business teacher here at Westminster. This day job of sorts enables students to grow in their business expertise in accordance with the opportunity to get informative experience in the workforce. 

Emma Yost, an active member of Pawprint, senior, says that she “was sad to see the grand entry lose Pawprint, and the community and fun atmosphere that it brought when everyone walked into school— but I am so excited for the Hub to recreate that community and be a way for students to connect and grow together.” 

Mr. Brian Maloy, WCA teacher, shared some of the same sentiment as Yost, saying “I am both excited for the Pawprint move upstairs, and I am equally nervous for the Pawprint move upstairs!  But honestly, that is how most [exciting] change is — equal parts awesome & equal parts yikes!”

Just like Yost and Mr. Maloy said, it is quite sad and nerve racking to see pawprint migrate from its original location into the hub, but that sadness brought on by nostalgia is overpowered by the overwhelming feeling of excitement for the future of the program in this newly renovated layout. 

“We want it to be inviting and welcoming. We want to create the feeling of home and comfort! We have gone through a lot of change and difficult times in the last year but with this new place to join together, it can be a way to revive and recreate the place we had before! And Pawprint is very excited to be a part of this movement with one cup of coffee at a time!” said Yost.  

This new atmosphere will help the student body as well as the faculty to hopefully begin recovery from the alienating cloud that fell over the school during the pandemic. Overall, Students involved with this program will come out of it with a better understanding of business, career experience, and the fulfillment of helping their academic community one cup of coffee at a time. 

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