The Hub Finally Gets the Remodel We Wanted

-Westminster Donor gives more educational opportunities with an urban Hub Remodel-


Elijah Schmidt

Upperclassmen study in the newly renovated Hub.

Since 2011, the Academic Hub has been a place of fellowship and learning on the Westminster Campus, used for Study Halls, Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments, and Math Labs.
“We think it’s time for a redesign,” said Aaron Layton, History Teacher, in a informational video about the new WestminsterYou program. Going into the 2021 school year, the Westminster campus is celebrating its ten year anniversary- The Academic Hub has remained the same for those ten years. “This amazing project was possible because of a restricted gift from anonymous donors” said Dani Butler, Head of Academic Development. The Academic Hub has been fully renovated, New furnishings and a crisp paint job are only some of the new improvements made to this now usable space. “The renovated Hub will provide an inviting and well designed space for teaching, studying, meetings, entertainment, and for community engagement on campus.” said Aaron Layton, History Teacher.
The new Hub will provide many new academic opportunities, but it will also provide a new home for Pawprint. Pawprint Coffee has fostered fellowship within the Westminster Community at their original location in the Grand Entry. Now Pawprint will foster fellowship and draw people to the evolved Hub. Students can grab a coffee, relax, study, or meet with friends. Not only is Pawprint moving into the Hub, but STUCO and others will use the old Math Lab room as a meeting room and classroom. “I think the room will give STUCO a place where they can meet, mainly the Executive Council on Tuesday mornings. It will also be a nice quiet space for people in study hall during the regular school day.” said Elizabeth Woodall, Assistant Director of Student Life. All in all the previously mentioned classroom will be a workable space for all purposes and functions.
I interviewed Jennifer Sengpiel, Head of Enrollment at Westminster who was a part of the group effort to renovate the Hub. “We really were going for a Starbucks meets Genius Bar meets New York Loft.” Sengpiel articulated that they were going for a more modern and innovative space that will draw students. And the space certainly has drawn people to it already, STUCO Orientation and New Student Lunches or only some of the bonding and community building events that have been hosted by the Hub. Sengpiel and I also went over the layout of the Hub. The Hub is separated into three spaces, the middle of the Hub is The Cafe. This is a space where students can eat snacks and drink coffee in fellowship with each other. The left hand side of the Hub was envisioned as an academic area. A spot for studying, reading, or doing school work. Lastly the right hand side of the Hub is meant to be a meeting area. This would be a spot for campus groups to gather and the most exciting edition will come at the end of August, a large u-shaped couch will be installed for presentations and however students and teachers can utilize it. Overall the entirety of the renovated Hub will serve the Westminster Community’s faculty, students, and even alumni and will be a place for people to connect. “I think it’s an anchor in our mission of teaching our students to teach and engage the world in Jesus Christ.” Overall the improved Hub will help the WCA community bring the passion of Christ to everything they do.