Westminster YOU Choose!

Westminster You offers additions to schedules with unique courses, extra class credits, or free periods.

This 2020-21 school year, Westminster Cristian Academy has decided to create a new, customizable education program called Westminster You. With the addition of Academies, Enrichment, and Recovery on Wednesdays and Thursdays, students have brand new options to further their education. 

Westminster students get the opportunity to obtain valuable experience facing real-world challenges and situations with courses called ‘academies’. Your academy choices are between the Business Academy with Mr. Maloy and the Law and Constitution Academy with Mrs. LeVar. 

The Business Academy will provide real world business training and will develop leadership skills on the way. Students practicing in the Law and Constitution Academy will get to analize cases and facts, as well as participate in mock trial competitions. As of now these are the only options, but in the future there stands a possibility of the addition of STEM, Fine Arts, Ministry, and many more Academines. All of the Westminster students participating will be awarded with a credit.

Westminster is also introducing an opportunity for students to dive deeper into academic materials they’re interested in called Enrichment. There are nine Enrichment options this school year, including Apple Certification, Introduction to Coding, 10 Pillars Leadership Institute, Literary Magazine/Creative Writing, Marine Biology/Ocean Discovery, Theatre Arts, College Connection Hub, “Exploration of the Great Questions”, and National History Day Competition. “In the future, we hope to expand these enrichment programs to an even larger variety of topics to reflect both our students and teachers’ passions,” said Gina Rosenberg, teacher of American Literature at Westminster. There will be more ways for students and teachers to attend/lead a class that is their ideal topic in the future.  

If the previous options were unappealing or you just need a bit more time for assignments during the day, there is one more opportunity for Westminster students: academic recovery. Academic recovery is a window for students to have more time, space, and support. Students have the ability to ask teachers for help, get caught up on late assignments, or go to the Writing and Math Center.

“And if none of what we introduced today is appealing, you may use the very last hour of your school day as a study hall in your advisory.” Mollie Pfuetze, middle school counselor at Westminster. Westminster students, instead of the Academies, Enrichments, or Recovery, can use the last hour as a study hall to get homework done and work on projects. So then Westminster, what will YOU choose?