art board recap

Quick recap of this year’s artistic talent.


Moorea Atkins

Photos of all the art boards.

This year’s art boards switched from boards to windows in the commons, a big change from previous years. With more room and space to fill, this year’s art boards were a showcase of Westminster talents. The theme was based around decades, with every grade creating their boards around pop culture references and famous events of each decade.

The middle school created a colorful design showcasing the 1950’s. Their design featured bright colors and a collage of pop culture references. They also included a few references to Westminster in their design, such as our very own 800 News.

The Freshmen painted a bedroom scene to throw back to the 1990’s. Their design incorporated many things that a teen in the 90s would have had in their room, like roller blades. “My favorite part of our art board is the little Dino in the bed,” said freshman art board leader Lydia Muehleisen. “It’s so cute.”

Sophomores came up with a bold design for the 1960’s. With vibrant patterns reflecting hippie culture and a giant VW bus, their design was as colorful as the 60s were. The sophomores also had a unique emphasis on fashion, including fashion Vogue magazines.

The Juniors celebrated the shiny and neon 1980’s. Including references to famous singers and video games, the juniors were successful at including as many things from the 80s as they possibly could. But according to Junior leader Katie Huang, “My favorite part of our art board design is the video game portion that we have. I think it really came together well and was the most fun to do.”

Seniors finished strong with a disco scene from the 1970’s. Taking a different approach than other collage boards, the seniors decided to create a disco club. Their design included painting on vinyl records and elaborate cutouts, which positioned them well to place high in the rankings.