Stuco 2021- 2022

What do they plan to do


Cj Francois

Will Dana the up and coming class president.

Stuco is the student council for WCA, and they have been planning some big changes to make our school better. Student council’s mission is to make a student’s life better at Westminster. Student council is split into 4 different grades. Every grade in high school at WCA has a certain amount of members per grade. There are different committees for each issue. Each committee meets together to discuss an issue that needs to be solved.

The upcoming sophomore class president is William Dana. William is extremely devoted to his job and really wants to focus on community and relationships. “One thing I’ve learned over my first year of Stuco is that leadership is service,” says Dana. Dana also explains that a good leader needs others. Dana wants to focus on community events. He says that this will help show how valuable our community and relationships are. This year, he planned a day called Freshman Day, where the day was devoted to the Freshman class. William’s ideas come from himself, as well as others. An example is if a student has an idea that may benefit the sophomore class, they would go to William and tell him that idea. William would decide if the idea was a good idea and if it was, he would tell that idea to the stuco administration who would approve it.

Kaitlyn Mann is the upcoming junior class president. Like William, she is very devoted and hard working. She is planning on having more fun activities and gatherings. She will be adding these activities to help cheer up her fellow classmates. Gatherings have been difficult due to COVID-19, but Kaitlyn is trying hard to work around this. Also like Willam, Kaitlyn is determined to bring her grade closer as a community. She lets other people voice their opinions and if she agrees, she can make that idea happen. 

A combination of excellent presidents and loyal council members make Stuco exactly what Westminister needs. They are definitely the people needed to help run the school and create new ideas. Mrs. Brown And Mrs. Woodall have done a great job teaching Stuco members how to be a great person and a great leader.