Returning to Normalcy

As Coronavirus begins to come to a close while restrictions are slowly being lifted, the return of pre-pandemic life gives individuals mini glimpses of hope.


Lexi Vick

The change in how we view normalcy and what that is going to look like in the future.

Throughout this past year, one of the biggest, constantly asked questions by anyone and everyone is “when will my life return to normal?” What makes this question extremely difficult to answer are the states differentiating how and when they are relaxing the restrictions. For example, states such as Texas are already mask-free, and states such as New York are as buckled down as ever. The burdensome realization to accept is the fact that the world will not all return to normal life at the same time. 

Fortunately, in Missouri, there are still places that have remained normal throughout the pandemic even if others have not. St. Charles county has almost completely returned to normal. It already looks just as close as it did to last March as anything. There is nomask mandate, and restaurants at over 80% capacity, if not completely full. During spring break in Florida, one would have thought Coronavirus never even existed. You feel free again when you’re not restricted and constantly being told to put a mask on.

Historian of medicine Howard Markel refers to the return to normal life: “It’ll be so gradual, we probably won’t even notice it. It all depends on how many people roll up their sleeve and get the immunization, you see,” said Markel. The vaccine is an obvious factor that could potentially further advance the return to normalcy much sooner than expected. 

“Infectious disease experts agree at least 70-85% of the country needs to become immune to starve the virus,” said Anne Flaherty and Cheyenne Haslett, ABC News. The explanations for the end of Coronavirus range from points A to Z. Everyone is at a different place on the spectrum regarding how they feel about it, so it’s hard to come to a final conclusion. 

According to health experts, this fall could be as close to normal as we have been since March of 2020, when the country was shut down against its will. The expected timeframe to push out all vaccines is either June or July, hopefully making August the target date for a total mask-free, full capacity lifestyle once again.

Many are eager to get their vaccine, and many are hesitant due to the known side effects, and wonder if it’s really worth it. The vaccine is geared more towards the older generations, as the younger generations do not necessarily need one unless they wish to obtain it. 

“Vaccine hesitancy has also been perpetuated by Fox News. Many cannot fully put their trust in a brand new vaccination. However, many are lined up ready to receive it. Wherever you are on the spectrum, no one can deny that they are ready to start living their life normally again.