Spirit week 2021

What’s new this year and what’s different?


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the class of 2020, spirit week. this was pre-covid so masks were not yet required

Spirit week in 2021 may be very different, but it is said to be a very fun and unusual event. New for 2021 are some very unique games: field goal, eliminator dodgeball, 100 yard relay, and trash can sports relay. Field goal replaces the half court shot this year. Eliminator dodgeball, will have 2-3 rounds and can be played with defense or hitting the opposing team with dodgeballs. The 100 yard relay will go from goal line to goal line. When the runner tags the next runner, the next runner has to do an exercise. The trash can sports relay is regular sports games, but with a trash can. These new games are all thanks to the games committee. 

The main difference for this year’s spirit week is that the pep rallies are going to be outside on the football field. As a result, many of the events are bigger and have to be made for the turf. All grades will be doing the relay race at once. There will be two games of ultimate chicken happening at the same time.

The dress up themes this year are very radical. Friday is class color day, Monday is pun day, Tuesday is T.V. and movie day, Wednesday is class decades day, and Thursday is blue and white day. Each grade has been given a specific decade to dress by. The same rules apply, as the best dressed grade wins the dress up competition. “I think our participation is going to be pretty good this year,” says Jack Wooldridge, junior.

The Schedule for spirit week includes all of the classes on each day, except that there is a pep rally at the end of each day. This results in shorter class periods to make room for the pep rally. The pep rally will go from 12:30-1:15 and is the same principle as the past years have been. For this year, community night will be held at the Family Arena in St. Charles. This is because the Family Arena offers more space for the audience to sit and a large area for the performers to perform. Also unlike last year, there will be no final basketball game, so the winners will be announced on community night.

Last year, the seniors took the win of spirit week with 10th grade in second, followed by 11th grade. 9th grade came in fourth, then 7th grade and in last place was 8th grade. This year, it is probable that the seniors will win, but no one knows for sure. Covid definitely throws in a curveball in everything, and it has changed spirit in both positive and negative ways. The WCA staff has learned how to cope with less than ideal conditions and are presenting students with a very exciting spirit week.