RPS Recap

2021 rps is done!

The contestants, Mr. Rolfing, A.V. team, and Student Council (STUCO) put a lot of time into this production to raise school spirit. “The Rock Paper Scissors tournament was the biggest tournament that I have experienced as a rock paper scissors player. Everyone who was there deserved to be there said Kaitlyn Mann, a sophomore, who represented the 10th grade in the tournament. The Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Tournament aired the week of January 25-29, with a combination of live and recorded elements. Due to the flexibility of the game, any student was welcome to participate and see where the wins and losses would take them. “It was really fun to be there because the audience got really into it and started cheering for their favorites. It was a way bigger extent than I expected and really cool.” said Abby Johler, a junior who worked in the Audio Visual Team during the event. In addition to a surprise invitation for those who lost the preliminary rounds, even more of the WCA student body directly participated in the event by filling out prediction brackets for the tournament. Thanks to all of the effort put in behind the scenes to make the RPS Tournament a success, one can only imagine the amazing productions to come!