The Christmas Concert 2020

this year the Christmas concert had to be shown in classrooms instead of having parents and students attend after school.

mike rohfing


Mike Rohlfing

the Livestream Christmas concert.

Every year, Westminster Christian Academy hosts a Christmas concert. The Christmas concert this year may be a little different due to Covid 19, but it’s still going to be a very fun experience that shouldn’t be missed. This year, the choir and orchestra are playing together to create a phenomenal experience for the audience. The men’s and women’s chorus are both preforming unique but classic Christmas songs. The chamber choir uses acapella as a twist to the concert. The twist was the fantastic cinematography of Mike Rohlfing. 

Another important detail about the Christmas concert is that it’s going to be recorded, not watched in person. Students will get to watch the concert on December 14 at the end of the school day in their seventh hour class. This is a new way to still have fun, while respecting Covid 19 guidelines. The orchestra will also be playing. They are really looking forward to playing at the Christmas concert

“The Christmas concert is the orchestra’s favorite event to play at”, said Eric Bellamy, freshman. Eric is among many who is excited to play at the Christmas concert. 

Many people are anticipating the concert because of its differentiations from other concerts. At most concerts, the choir and band and acapella do not play together. At this concert, however, they are all playing together to create an experience that can’t be missed.