The Covid Vaccine experienced delays

What is happeiing with COVID vaccines.


emma smith

COVID vacciones what is happening?

Patient Ian Haydon, who volunteered to be a test subject for the COVID vaccines, has given his full approval of AstraZeneca’s decision to resume working on their vaccines. AstraZeneca, one of the many companies working on creating a COVID vaccine, when Haydon experienced serious inflammation in his spinal cord after taking the Covid vaccine all work at AstraZeneca temporarily stopped. As of  September 12th AstraZeneca has decided to resume work on their vaccine. 

 AstraZeneca is not the only one working on making a vaccine, however. The government has instructed several companies to get a vaccine out as quickly as possible. Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax are also working to create a vaccine. These four companies are racing against the clock and each other to create a working COVID vaccine. “Historically this is the fastest we’ve launched into the process of developing safe and effective vaccines for an important disease in history,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci the Director of NIAID, an institute that helps treat allergies and diseases.

Once the vaccine is out people will be rushing to take it. The goal is to make enough vaccines for Herd immunity, which means  “if you get enough people protected that means the rest of the people who are not protected will be protected because there’s so much blocking of the virus in the community an umbrella of protection the virus has no place to go” says. Dr. Fauci. 

 With several companies working on the vaccine Trump has hinted that a vaccine could be ready as soon as October. Hopefully, he’s right. Until then, take precautionary measures to minimize your risk and others’ risk of contracting COVID-19.