The Show Must Go On

What theater will look like this year

With schools around the world creating plans to combat the novel coronavirus, extracurricular activities, especially theater, have had to make decisions on how to handle it.

As of now, the shows will be happening, but it will look very different.The biggest difference is that the show will be made into a film. Mrs. Eichelberger, coordinator of Theatrical Productions, said “the film will be released via Vimeo, YouTube, or another service. The stage will be set up as if it were a live play.”

The theater department was also very mindful of corona while choosing what productions they will be putting on. Mrs. Eichelberger said that the shows were based on the normal criteria, but also that it has “the ability to social distance in rehearsal and a possibility of still producing the show if we have to enforce stricter COVID regulations.”

They ended up choosing Spoon River Anthology, 10 Ways to Survive a Quarantine, The Mousetrap, and Guys and Dolls. “Spoon River Anthology was chosen as many of the lines are delivered in more of a monologue style.” Mrs. Eichelberger said.

While there will hopefully be no problems with the show, the actors will have some obstacles to overcome, like wearing masks and staying six feet apart. Stewart Geisz, an actor from the junior class, said, “Naturally, singing and acting will be harder if it is confined to a mask. I think that we might not have to use a mask though because the sports teams are quarantining and they get to be around each other without masks.”

While the theater community is glad that the shows will happen, many actors find performing for a live audience to be the most exciting part about acting, so they are a bit disappointed that there might not be a live audience. Actress Belle St. John from the junior class said, “I have to say, it’s going to be sad not to have an opening night rush or an audience. Those things make all the hard work worth it, they are the epitome of everything the shows strive to be.”

Stewart said, “I think that giving students who are interested in making film a chance to try and the potential comedy we can add about being in a time of pandemic will enable a stronger community that learns to persevere for the sake of art.”

Belle said, “I think that this will open up new ideas. We’ll find different angles on how to rehearse and develop the shows, and these ideas will ultimately make the shows the best we’ve ever had.”  The show must go on, So it will, just maybe not in the traditional way.