Danny Sacco

Finally saw my family after days of being locked away in quarantine!

COVID-19 Chronicles: Pearson

Day five of Corona. I haven’t had a human interaction since lockdown. Food is sparse. I’m on my last sheet of toilet paper. Luckily, I have three more full packages left which should last me through the next few years. I fear that the end of the world is coming. Middle-aged mothers are turning into savages in the local Walmarts. They sprint for the toilet paper section like their lives depend on it. They fight and brawl to the very last roll as if they are in the Roman Colosseum. When they arrive back home their children are overjoyed that they can have a 15th backup roll in case the first 14 disappear. That being said, I am just happy to still be alive during this tough time. I will come back in a few days for an update.

Day nine of Corona. My parents decided to brave the storm and go to the grocery store today. They left in full hazmat suits, but, to be extra cautious, they also wore hospital masks over said suits. However, the results of their journey were disappointing to say the least. All they could scavenge were the unwanted leftovers of everybody prior to them. So, for the next few days, I will be restricted to pineapple pizza, chocolate ice cream, green tea, and grapefruit. Nonetheless, my boredom is getting the best of me. Yesterday, I learned it only takes me 27.3 seconds to run through every room in my house. I’ll be back for more quarantine news.

Day ten of Corona. Finally some good news! It appears as if the Gen Z kids have learned how to put an end to Corona by doing Instagram challenges. I’m so glad that my feed is filled with pictures that I don’t care about and that their stories are loaded with pointless challenges that nobody pays attention to. This is truly a blessing to a very troubled world.

Day 14 of Corona. Well, today is the last day. After today I am free to go outside and do whatever I want. I can be with my friends and go out to eat food. Today is a great day. As terrible as it seemed to have been, I actually learned a lot during my quarantine and looking back, I enjoyed it. I hope you all had a great quarantine as well and that your upcoming days are filled with happiness.

Day 15 of Corona. They just issued a stay at home order for the next two months, and I’m bored.

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