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Grace Skiljan

Quarantine entertainment with my little brother.

COVID-19 Chronicles: Grace

At first, the idea of missing a couple weeks of school didn’t seem so bad, but after the first three days of not leaving my house, the beigeness of Westminster Christian Academy started to look pretty good. I’m not usually someone who HAS to keep busy. I have no issues laying on the couch for a couple of days watching Netflix, but at this point, I watched the season finale a week ago and can’t seem to find anything else. My room has never been so clean, and I’ve never done this much laundry in my life. Every brownie and cake mix in our pantry has been used, and I’ve even picked up a book once. I love my family, but all five of us crammed into one house with two dogs has made me appreciate the other people I used to see on a daily basis. I’m not dissing family time, but I think all of us miss the rest of our lives. Everyone in my family seems to be handling it differently. My mom thinks that taking family walks daily will solve most of our problems. The littlest brother (who’s nine) has taken up karate and has been flipping and jumping all over the house. The other brother hasn’t left his weights except to order more protein powder, and my dad still has to work. The only people who are really enjoying this quarantine are our dogs. They haven’t been walked this much in years and because of all the “family time” spent on the couch watching movies, they are getting plenty of attention. The real reason this quarantine sucks is because I miss my friends. All the group FaceTimes in the world don’t make up for not seeing them. The prospect of missing our last month of high school, our last dance, and even our graduation is just depressing. But my mom keeps reminding us that it could be worse, and that technically we are all very, very lucky.

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