Westminster Choir Program Performed in Choir Concert

The chamber choir performed beautiful pieces on Tuesday, October 8th.

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, the chamber choir was joined by the middle school choir and both the men’s and women’s choir to perform several different pieces. From folk songs to a variety of cultural songs, the choirs really pulled off a beautifully composed concert.

The choir concert showcased musical pieces from a wide variety of artists, including Natasha Bedingfield, Bruno Mars, James Rodde, and Peter Lutkin. The concert began with chamber as they sang “El Grillo” by Josquin des Prez. Another song that stood out amongst the others was “Song of Miriam” by Elaine Hagenberg which was unique because the vocal ranges of the singers were split in multiple parts. The choir also used verse melody to create the harmony of the song.

Every song was unique to the individual sounds of each choir. For example, the men’s choir sang “Liverpool Street Station” by Richard Crossland. The women’s choir also performed a dance to accompany one of their songs called “Sih’r Khalaq” by Jim Papoulis. Michael Lee, senior, was given a solo part in a traditional South African freedom song, “Tshotsholoza.”

“The fall choir concert was hugely successful, and it really felt like all the songs fell into place, and we left the audience in a good mood,” said Belle St. John, sophomore.

The chamber choir also performed was “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, a crowd favorite, while the men’s choir did a song and dance to an old folk song called “Johnny Schmoker.” The middle school choir can also not be forgotten\; the group made a successful appearance by singing multiple songs about weather, one of which was “Send Down the Rain” by Joyce Eilers. The middle schoolers informed the audience about the context of the song, which included the symbolism of the rain representing the flood in Genesis 6-9. In addition, most of the songs had a piano melody in the background played by pianist Daniel Herrera, senior, who also recently won first place in the “Hoedown Showdown.”

Kathy Eichelberger and Allen Schwamb, choir teachers, pulled together a full show with all the choirs doing different things. Each of the choirs stepped onto the stage confident and ready to wow the crowd with their vocal skills. The AV club, once again, ran a seamless show. The choirs moved on and off the stage beautifully and sang even better.

They closed the concert with a benediction to honor Jesus Christ, as well as the vocal talents He blessed all of the participants with. The ending reflected the peaceful mood of the entire concert. Overall, the concert had an amazing sound and beautiful vocal diversity between the different choirs.