Pawprint Holds Grand Reopening

Pawprint Coffee is now open in the Grand Entry during first hour.


Grace Skiljan

Westminster’s coffee shop, Pawprint Coffee, allows students to purchase coffee and smoothies.

There is a reappearance of the beloved Westminster coffee shop, Pawprint Coffee, which has reopened as of Monday, Oct. 7. Pawprint will be open in the Grand Entry from 7:30 – 8:30 am Monday through Wednesday and Friday. After an early closing last year due to the lack of energy and commitment from previous seniors, Pawprint is back and better than ever and run by Brian Maloy’s first hour entrepreneurship class.

“I think this year will be different because everyone is super excited to be here and to work hard at this,” said Katie Stout, a senior in Maloy’s entrepreneurship class.

This year the workers are more dedicated to high quality coffee and smoothies and want to make up for last year through more visually appealing and enticing social media posts. They also put a lot of thought into their marketing and logos. The hope for the future of Pawprint is to continue to add on drinks and food items and eventually to try out some specialty drinks.

“It was definitely a lot of work to get it up and running, but so far business has been great and it has been a ton of fun this year,” said Lily Duda, another senior in Maloy’s first hour.

Pawprint has had two soft openings before Monday – one at parent-teacher conferences and the other at carnival. Both went very well, and Maloy revealed that they are close to making up the initial money that was spent getting Pawprint started. The hope for the future is to transition to a non-profit organization where all the money made goes back into the coffee shop to improve and grow.

“The entrepreneurship class is a really cool trial of running a business – we’ve divided into work teams for daily shifts. But we also added teams for marketing, operations and finance to help dig into students gifts and interests. I’m impressed with the hard work they’ve done so far,” said Maloy.

The experience of running the coffee shop gives students a chance to see what it looks like to run a business and all of the details and complexities that come with it.

“So far it has been a great real-world experience. I really feel like this class and especially Pawprint are showing me if this is something I would like to do in the future, and so far it has been fantastic,” said Brayden Wall, senior.