Sophomore’s Lead Special Olympics

Class of 2020 looks forward to a day of service

Sophomore's Lead Special Olympics

On Mar. 16 while the rest of Westminster students sit in class on a regular Friday, the sophomore class will be hosting a unique and impactful event for a group of students from several schools in the Special School District of St. Louis County.

After the closing of John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, the Special Olympics team was in need of a new host school to help lead Special Olympics this spring. Susie Brown, Director of Student Life, quickly volunteered to fill the need through the sophomore class during one day of service this spring.

“I got a call from Kerrie Townsend, Special Olympics facilitator for Special School District. She said she was looking for a school to host a challenging day and wondered if we would be interested,” said Brown.

The class of 2020 is thrilled to step up and give one day of their time to show other students from St. Louis that they care about them. Given the opportunity to bond with their “buddies,” the athletes from the Special School District, the sophomores are looking forward to the opportunity to help the kids have an enjoyable and inspirational day, teaching the kids they are capable, strong, and intentionally crafted by their Creator.

“I am excited for the Special Olympics because we have the opportunity to help the kids improve on their social skills and be able to interact with other kids their age without having to feel the barrier of their disabilities,” said Alyssa Legters, sophomore.

Although many sophomores will likely have to step out of their comfort zones while communicating and spending time with their buddies, most are excited for the chance to impact a student from the Special School District and help them discover their own unique gifts.

“I hope that the Westminster community will see this as a blessing and not a burden and will make this a great experience for everyone involved,” said Hannah Stevenson, sophomore.

Beginning with opening ceremonies and a torch lighting, the day will be filled with activities for the athletes from five different schools to participate in. In addition to the athletics, a victory village with carnival-type games will allow the athletes a break to get to know their WCA buddies.

“I hope that our students will have an opportunity to get to know students who are different from them and share the love of Jesus,” said Brown.

Although this is the first year and anticipation is rising for the upcoming event, the sophomores are eager for the challenge and the wonderful opportunity to spread love and strength to all of the students that attend the Special Olympics.

“I would like to see this become a regular event for our sophomore class each year!,” said Brown.

Hopefully, after an impactful experience for this year’s sophomores, the freshman will look forward to hosting the Special Olympics again next year, and a new tradition will begin.