For Some WCA Students, Safety First Means Spirit Last


Senior Logan Montgomery bounces the ball once, ready to take his shot in the Half Court Shot game during the Monday Spirit Week assembly. The entire gymnasium goes silent as they watch the ball sail through the air and into the net. The seniors storm the floor, burying Logan in a dog pile. Moments like these are what make Spirit Week fun and exciting, what makes it stand out in the memories of students long after they graduate.

However, per Tuesday’s announcement, students will no longer be able to storm the floor after an exciting win, or even stand on the ground beneath the bleachers due to safety concerns. This decision upset many people as it seemed like an unnecessary measure designed to take the fun out of Spirit Week.  

“I think it is very extreme and it’s hard to have spirit when your squished in between so many people and can barely see,” says Lily Duda, a sophomore.

Lily also brings up a valid point in that limiting the students to the bleachers not only is detrimental to spirit but it can actually be more dangerous than having a few people spill onto the floor as everyone being so close together can lead to accidents.  

But, while some students can see the point in having the rules put in place, most everyone agrees that they dampen the overall spirit


As many students are disappointed, it will be interesting to see how this decision affects morale for the rest of the week and if this rule will continue for the years to come.