The Bridge in the Corner

Behind the scenes with the Westminster business office


Hidden deep in the corner of the Grand Entry lies the business office, a mysterious place where people work in cubicles and do….something? Students have long wondered what goes on in the business office and many may think that offices, like at a parent’s accounting firm, seem out of place at Westminster, as they see Westminster as a school not a company. However, those misconceptions are entirely false because those who do the behind the scenes work are the backbone of this school. Without them, Westminster would not even exist. These jobs are paramount to the well-being and structure at this school and they deserve to be recognized and appreciated.

However, the main purpose of those who work in the business office is not to be publicly rewarded for their contributions or to be on display, in fact, their goal is quite the opposite.

“Our primary objective is to support Westminster by bridging the gap between academics and business,” explained Todd Fuller, Assistant Head of School – Finance & Operations.

This goal is fulfilled through each of the departments, who all play a crucial role in the success of the school. The business branch of Westminster is divided up into four sections; the executive branch, the admissions/communications branch, the advancement branch and the finance branch.

Most people know about executive branch, as it is the branch that pretty much all students know about because they know who our Head of School, Dr. Mosbacker is. However, the executive branch is much more than just appearance, as it is as much about the small things as it is about the big picture.

“My job is all in the details. I provide support to Dr. Mosbacker and just make sure that he is successful in his job,” says Debby Massot, Executive Assistant to the Head of School.

The admissions/communications department is also paramount because they cultivate the relationships that make Westminster successful.

As an admissions department, we are seeking Christian families that want to partner with Westminster for the education of their students. I help to bring in the students but the teachers educate the kids so really, we all work together because admissions is really about relationship building,” said Peggy Johnson, Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions.

In addition to simply admitting students into Westminster, advancing the school plays a significant role into its well being. This is because there is always room for growth at a school, and the advancement committee helps identify where growth is necessary and provides the resources possible to make the growth possible.

If the main goal of Westminster is to educate students, our office helps make sure that there are enough resources, through involving external members of the community such as parents, grandparents, and alumni,” said Shelley Milligan, Assistant Head of School for Advancement.

Lastly, the finance branch of the business department truly is what keeps Westminster open and operating. They make sure that the bills are paid, the building is maintained, the employees are well cared for, and factor in other expenses as well. If they were not in place, the school most certainly would not be where it is today.

“If your employees are satisfied with the support they get from Westminster they will be happier, and happier teachers lead to a better school,” explained Meghan Goessling, Human Resources Coordinator

Oftentimes, Westminster is only seen in one dimension, with teachers being the only reason that the school is successful. While good teachers are obviously extremely important to the well-being of the school, those who work more behind the scenes, such as in the business office, are also paramount. Our school is so blessed to have departments that are willing to work together to create community and therefore lead to the betterment of Westminster.