New Equestrian Club Saddles Up for 2016

A new club is making its way out of the starting stall this spring with an enthusiastic purpose. The equestrian club is bringing the exciting world of horses, jockeys, and racing to WCA students. Samantha Lombardo, junior, and Sarah Preusser, sophomore, have started this group with the vision of helping students become aware of the sport and horses.

     “Currently our club goals are to spread awareness about the equestrian sport and become established as a community of students that want to learn and expand their knowledge of horses,” said Lombardo.

     Lombardo has been riding horses since she was three, and she wanted to begin a club that would allow other students to experience the adventures of riding. The club hopes to attend equestrian events, volunteer for various organizations, and hang out and discuss all things relating to horses.

     “Others should join this club because it is a great opportunity to meet other horse lovers and expand their horizons by learning more about the sport of a lifetime. Many people don’t know how diverse and interesting the equestrian community is, and you don’t have to know anything or even like horses to be a part of this club!” said Lombardo.

     This club is unique in that the participants do not have to be involved in the sport. If you have an interest in horses, you should consider joining.

     “For anyone that might be even remotely interested in this opportunity, please join us! It will definitely be worth your time to just come and learn what we are all about,” said Lombardo.