Sophomores Sam Thomas and Caleb Miller Make 750 Weightlifting Club

This year a record-breaking ten weightlifters made the 750 pound club under the guidance and instruction of Coach Schall. Of these ten, two of the lifters, Caleb Miller and Sam Thomas, made the incredible achievement of qualifying as sophomores.

In order to make the club, Miller and Thomas had to bench press, squat, and power clean as much weight as they could. These weights would then have to add up to 750 pounds or more.

The two sophomores made the club with incredibly different strengths and weaknesses. Thomas managed to bench press an incredible 240 pounds, while Miller found his strengths in squat and power clean.

“It was a fulfillment of the correlation of hard labor,” says Thomas.

Thomas had been lifting weights since age twelve and thinks that this contributed a lot to his powerful bench press.

Both Thomas and Miller will continue to lift weights, however, in pursuit of an even more prominent class.

“I hope to make the thousand club by senior year,” says Thomas.

Thanks to making the 750 club sophomore year, Miller and Thomas will have plenty of time to get stronger and put on weight towards their new goal.

Making this club will also help their athletic abilities. Miller will hopefully be benefitted in football while Thomas thinks that it might give him an advantage in swimming and wrestling.

“I think [making the 750 club] will help my endurance…and it will also help my mental aspect,” says Thomas.

The incredible feat that Caleb Miller and Sam Thomas managed to achieve will hopefully benefit them in both sports and character.