What Really is a Christian Education?

Every student knows that they go to a “Christian” school, but don’t really know what that means.


maggie lindstrom

how is christain education different.

Westminster has a chapel every Wednesday and teachers pray before they start class, but is that really what defines a Christian Education?

Sra. Gilbert, the Spanish Teacher, said that Christian Education is something that “provides a safe place for kids from Christian homes to make mistakes, ask questions, and figure out who God made them be.” Mrs. Lybarger, the 9th-grade health teacher, commented that “Christian Education means that we are able to learn the things of this world through our Creator’s lens.” 

Teachers agreed that teaching at a Christian school affects their teaching style because it means that they can freely talk about God. They enjoy that they are able to teach from a biblical worldview. Teaching at a Christian school means that we can talk about Christ together as a class and as a school. Teaching a language is not just because you need two language credits to graduate, we learn the language so we can love others. Taking the time, energy, and effort to learn Spanish expresses to Spanish-speaking people that they matter to us because they were made in God’s image just like us. 

Teaching about pie charts would create an opportunity to tell students about the original reason for inventing them. Florence Nightingale invented pie charts to show her findings of death in military hospitals. She created the pie chart so that people could see how big of a problem these deaths were, and the cause of them. 

Being at a Christian school means that teachers treat their students differently. Teaching, or even coaching, at a Christian school means that the teachers are able to connect on a much deeper level with the students. They are able to answer questions that are hard to talk about, and that is more personal. “I am able to talk to them personally about the Bible and help them grow in their faith,” said Mr. Ottolini, 9th Grade Bible. Teachers treat students as the image-bearers that they are.