Stayin’ Alive

Westminster seniors give insight to their mentality as the school year finishes off as senioritis starts to kick in for some.


Ellie Jones

What are WCA seniors thinking right now?

As most seniors are perfectly aware, the last semester of high school can seem like a drag at times. “Senioritis” is a real condition felt by millions of seniors around the world. It is almost like an unwritten part of the story towards the end of everyone’s high school career. In the last few months, a C- on a test is no longer going to determine whether you go to college or not. 

Maybe that grade did not determine college during one’s junior year. However, mentally, the first three years of high school are an ongoing audition for college careers. Therefore, once senior year is reached and one is accepted to school, that test grade does not hold near as much significance compared to one year prior. 

“As most college-bound high school seniors learn where they’ve gotten in and decide where they’re going, many feel that the pressure is off. Whether they are celebrating acceptances to their dream schools or coping with rejections, nearly all realize at this point that the die has been cast: The push for high school grades that used to drive everything matters much less,” Katherine Schulten, The New York Times.

We are going to hear from a few Westminster seniors themselves, and get an inside look into their mindsets as the school years rapidly comes to a close.

“I’m feeling even more motivated this semester because we are really close to graduation, and this makes me want to finish this year off stronger than ever,” said Reilly Brophy, senior.

This reveals that there still are in fact seniors who are willing to give the rest of the year their one-hundred percent effort and ability. Another factor to consider is when sending final transcripts, some colleges require it, and some do not. This could potentially be a reason why some students have not mentally finished the race yet. 

Even though there are still some individuals who are completely focused and living in the moment, there are still some who are mentally exhausted and ready for the next chapter of their lives.

“It’s definitely hard to keep pushing through at the end of the year, and especially after I have committed to a college. I feel like in a sense that I am already done with school, and it is hard to keep up the motivation at times. However, the one thing that is keeping me motivated specifically is knowing that I still have AP exams to take in May,” said Hailey Pritchett, senior.

AP exams are also another incredibly important asset to a student’s high school career. Unfortunately, these take place in May, when, at that point, all seniors are basically checked out. However, as Pritchett was saying, these tests serve as excellent motivators throughout the year.

Overall, despite the fact that the second semester of senior year is difficult to stay focused on, the best advice one can give is to try your best and just enjoy it. Soak in all of these memories, because most likely, many of these people we will never see again.