Modern Day Coffee Heros

Baristas who really make the holidays memorable


Sayva Phillips

Jackson Lawrence is making some coffee for some students who need the extra boost.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons! There are so many things that make the holiday season cozy and cheerful here in the school. But most would believe the most important aspect is Christmas drinks! It is finally that time of the year where our Pawprint baristas began to brainstorm sugary Christmas drinks for all of us to enjoy. There is nothing like having a warm or cold Christmas-themed drink in the dark and cold morning of the school day. So, what exactly makes these drinks so special? Why should we consider our Pawprint Baristas modern-day heroes?

It all starts with the student body. Being able to order a drink in a customized way spices things up a bit. Oat milk, extra pumps of white mocha, two extra shots, light ice? Say the words and pawprint got it! Even if someone isn’t choosing from the festive menu, their personalized drink is what matters. The reason why pawprint creates these drinks is to try something new and bring more Christmas spirit to the school. Our pawprint baristas take the time out of their day to brainstorm different things to do around the holiday season. Not just the festive drinks or Mr. Maloy dressed in his buddy costume, but things like the turkey scavenger hunt, snack cart, Carpool coffee for the parents, or giving out coupons for money off your drink! 

Heroes do a certain job to benefit a certain situation. In our case with finals coming up and the days are getting shorter and the sun sets quickly it will get hard to keep pushing through. We have Christmas break to look forward to but what will get us through these tough studying days? Well, there’s your answer. Our baristas heroes suit up to get us through these brutal 3 weeks of non-stop studying. They open up every morning and every day after school to make sure you can come in and order as you please. They even send out surveys to the school body for suggestions and concerns you might have about their service and how it can be better for the community.  And they love your feedback so do not be shy to give them more ideas. 

If you haven’t been able to try any of the new Christmas drinks here are some of the baristas’ favorites that you might want to try: 12th grader Aseanti Boone prefers the caramel apple cider because of the “warm fruity taste that reminds me of the cool crisp air.” 12th grafter Belle St. John says her favorite is the White Christmas Mocha because it, “embodies the season.” LJ Minner, a 12 grader says his go-to Christmas drink is the Cinnamon Roll latte because he “loves the taste of  the sweet Christmas drink.” Noah Leingang, 12 graders, says his favorite to drink and make is the four berry smoothie because “the fruity taste reminds me of the Christmas spirit.” 

Whenever the feeling of lassitude falls over, remember to grab a festive drink from pawprint at 7 am-7:50 am before school or after school at 3 pm-4 pm for delicious Christmas cheer!