A New Arrival

An interview with the new Bible and Psychology teacher, Mr. Vossen.


Elijah Schmidt

Mr. Vossen poses with some of his favorite Freshmen students.

From Jefferson City to Saint Louis, he may not have come a long way but he is certainly a great new addition to the staff. Mr. Vossen teaches High School Bible and Psychology, and not only that, but this year is his first at Westminster. So, I decided to sit down with the new teacher and get a little bit of insight into his life.

Vossen was born and raised in Jefferson City, MO. He worked with a ministry, went to college, and has lived an all around seemingly favorable life so far. Vossen was also a star athlete, appearing on the basketball and baseball teams. I was under the impression that he lived a perfect life. However, this was far from the truth.

After high school, everything had changed for Mr. Vossen. Suddenly he was no longer the star athlete, so he did not have that crutch to lean on. He endured an identity crisis during his freshman year of college. This certainly caused him to beg the questions: What was the purpose for his life without sports? Who am I? What gave him his identity. After searching, he eventually found the answer. The answer was God. Through the testimony of a friend, he began to walk with the Lord. Suddenly, his life was defined by what God wanted, and he began to value being a Christian. This led me to wonder why Vossen began to teach.

Vossen’s journey to teaching was seemingly simple. It just seemed like a logical decision for him.

“Actually in high school I was voted most likely to be a teacher or coach.” Mr. Vossen explained.”

He explained even further that he did not want to be that person who fit a mold. But he ended up realizing that teaching was where his gifts lie. Overall, becoming a teacher was just what he knew he was the best at. 

When I asked about what he really enjoys about his day he quickly responded that his students are. That the relationships he can foster and the way he can help young people grow is what makes it all worth it. He then explained that he can easily connect with the younger generation and that it comes fairly naturally for him. It is apparent that this new teacher is connecting with the new generation. 

In conclusion, it was certainly apparent to me that Mr. Vossen will certainly change lives at Westminster. At the end of our conversation he had one last thought to leave my readers. “Just try to be kind to everyone you come across, because you don’t know what they are going through or what their life is like.”