Seattle To Saint Louis


Sayva Phillips

Mrs. Graham teaching her third hour class about the differences in literary analysis.

Are you someone who enjoys watching home decorating shows? Well, so does Mrs. Graham! Our new 9th and 10th grade principal. She also takes part in teaching Senior English classes. Mrs. Graham is from Seattle, New Jersey, where she grew up and spent most of her time. “It is gorgeous there, so many mountains where you can hike. Seattle is home to me” she explains. Before becoming Principal here at Westminster, Mrs. Graham was an assistant Principal at ‘an amazing christian school’ she says, but she was looking for somewhere with a similar mission and vision. She started Westminster in June of last year. She had already had so many connections within the community considering her husband used to teach and her kids were alumni.

We all know the feeling of a new painting canvas. We all have our own little canvas and visions of our paintings. For Mrs. Graham starting at Westminster is her canvas and the way she proceeds to welcome students and help them glorify Christ through all their work. Even though her new Westminster canvas is much bigger than her seattle she finds that there are more similarities than differences. “As soon as I started going to meetings at WCA, I realized that the teachers and leaders at WCA are having many conversations that ones did at my former school. Which is how to live out the mission and prepare young people to transform the world of Jesus Christ.” 

Principal Graham is not just our new Principal, she is a full time reader, who loves to walk and exercise during her free time. She loves sports, theatre and especially musical theatre. So if you are interested in any of these, now and further on is a great opportunity to discuss and conversate with Graham! 

As the Westminster community it is our job to welcome Mrs. Graham and make this her ‘new seattle’ but without the mountains. “My heart is for this life and community of school. I would like to have personal connections with students. And as the founder of my former school was fond of saying ‘Creation over Response!” emphasizes Mrs. Graham. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Principal Graham. Keep her in your prayers. Lo