At Home and Abroad

Interviews with the foreign exchange students connecting Westminster to the world.

From the towering walls of China to the diverse landscapes of the Ukraine, We


ster’s influence reaches far and wide. One way Westminster reaches those outside of our borders is through exchange students. At Westminster, we have students from South Korea, China, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. I sat down with several of these students and got to know them and their stories.

Let us travel all the way across the Pacific Ocean and to the Korean Peninsula. Amie Do was born in Seoul, South Korea. She went to Hana School for Elementary School and joined the Westminster Student Body in 7th Grade. When Amie came to The Academy her overall feeling was a mix of astoundment and culture shock. She articulated to me that schools in South Korea are not quite as large as Westminster. She said it was shocking yet exciting to be in such a huge school. After Westminster Amie hopes to go back to South Korea for college. I have no doubt in my mind that Amie is bright and intelligent, in all her endeavors she will undoubtedly succeed.

Now let’s skip across Asia to Eastern Europe. Here in the country of Ukraine, Masha Stephens was born. From an early age, Masha did not have an easy life. Through circumstances that could break most, she only became stronger. From an orphanage in Ukraine to St. Louis, Masha has come so far. One of her favorite things about coming to Westminster is the food, “we don’t have Chick-Fi

l-A in the Ukraine[…]” Masha jokes. Within our conversation we also touched on the contrasting cultures, Ukraine versus the United States of America. In the United S

tates Masha sees a constant ambition. Yet in the Ukraine she still saw a culture based upon individualism, but it is based less upon ambition and more survival. Especially after the Soviet Regime was in place


for years, whose effects can never be lost. After Westminster she is hoping to get through college and figure out the rest of her life from there.

Now how about we circle back to China, where Gabriel Liu was born. He was able to give me vivid and beautiful descriptions of his home in China. “The cities are beautiful[…]” Gabriel explained with a smirk on his face. Within the most populated country there is true beauty and prosperity. Now, turning to Westminster, Gabriel expla

ined that the Academy is a place of unity. “It’s probably because the

y’re Christians.” He elaborated that teachers seem to care about their

students. This is because of their unified love for one another in Christ. Gabriel is a man of God and will undoubtedly change the world.

Overall, these young men and women are some of the best of us. They will unquestionably change the world at home and abroad.