“Spanish Class After Senora Gilbert”

-an interview with Senorita Dunn, Senora Gilbert’s replacement-


Elijah Schmidt

Senorita Dunn stands in her classroom.

Senora Gilbert’s cinnamon scented classroom is a vivid memory in the minds of numerous alumni. Although the bright-colored walls and air fresheners are gone, a new teacher has taken her place.

Senorita Dunn grew up in St. Louis County, more specifically Hazelwood. When asked about her own generation and how different it is compared to Generation Z she said, “There might be so many reasons why there are so many differences, but I think certainly the transition to online is probably more of a generational reality.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. She hinted at the vast differences that were brought by the presence of the internet. Senorita Dunn not only pointed toward Generation Z as a whole but also those at Westminster, while also contrasting Westminster with the public school she attended,

“…the Biblical Principles that are behind some of the philosophy and education, and behind what it means for teachers and students to be in that dynamic here is profoundly different.””

— said profesora Dunn

said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. It is apparent that she values Christian education and that Westminster’s Christ-Like beliefs are important to her.

In addition to her admiration of the Biblical Beliefs and academic rigor that are apparent, she is shocked by just how much the teachers have a love for students, “…yes there’s good education there, but it’s really about the staff and faculty who care about my child.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. Her love of Westminster already is apparent and her values mirror that. Westminster seems to be a place where students are surrounded by a good support system made up of faculty, staff, and students. “Lots of schools say they have Christian Education, what’s apparent here is that here there is a genuine intention by the administration to have a truly Christ-Based education.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. Overall her appreciation of academic rigor, but the incorporation of Christ’s values into school is a passion of her’s.

The first year teacher has an obvious passion for teaching, but more specifically she has a love of language, “I think it’s between teaching and teaching a language, it’s just the combining of two of my passions and interests.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. She also states that she is a huge introvert, and that language is a way for her to engage with others and their cultures, “…language is people.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher.

Her parting words to me was a piece of advice for High Schoolers, “Just be kind to yourself.” said Senorita Dunn, Spanish Teacher. She goes on to say that students today put a lot of pressure on themselves. Senorita Dunn’s main message to high schoolers seems to be that they should go easy on themselves. As high schoolers we don’t need to be perfect all the time. Overall I think the takeaway from Senorita Dunn’s message is that academic rigor is important but not at the cost of your own self worth.
Senorita Dunn, while totally new to Westminster, seems to be changing Westminster for the better through kindness and sticking to Biblical principles.