Westminster’s beloved art teacher Mrs. Vogel

Who doesn’t love art when it’s taught by the wonderful Mrs. Vogel? Teaching at Westminster since 2013, she loves her job more and more every single day that goes by.


ellie jones

Mrs. Vogel standing in her classroom

Who doesn’t love art when it’s taught by the wonderful Mrs. Vogel? Teaching at Westminster since 2013, she loves her job more and more every single day that goes by. She believes it’s the kids at the academy that keep her up and going from day to day. “At night when I’m falling asleep, I actually look forward to seeing the students. I pray for them, get excited for them, ache for them. I love them!” said Vogel. It is obvious that her passion for teaching will never escape her.

Mrs. Vogel also has a daughter, Lilly, who attends Westminster as a student. The love that she has for her daughter she would describe as “unlike any other love.” The Vogels have a Cockapoo named Buddy, who sometimes pesters and follows Mrs. Vogel around all day long, but who is adored by her anyway.

Attending Baylor University was Mrs. Vogel’s original path, but after some difficult times, she transferred to Westminster University in Fulton, Missouri in the middle of her junior year. She recalls this specific time in her life as exceptionally difficult, starting a brand new college in a brand new place when everybody already has their life put together. However, she stuck it out at Westminster College and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration. 

She grew up with an amazing Christian background, both parents knowing and loving the Lord with all of their hearts. Her mother was the Latin and French teacher who loved school just as much as Mrs. Vogel herself. She later became the Director of Admissions because of her drive and determination for the students. Mrs. Vogel’s mother actually began spirit week many years ago (now we all know who to thank for the annual Westminster traditions). 

Westminster Christian Academy has been a part of Mrs. Vogel’s past ever since she was a little girl- she also attended high school here. 

“Of course I had drama, was sad about stuff, wasted a lot of time dating guys that I didn’t need. However, WCA provided a lot of great opportunities to grow in my abilities as a student and athlete. Also, growing in my character as a Christian and friend,” said Vogel. Another fun fact about our favorite art teacher is that she holds the rebounding record at Westminster Christian. She was a tri-sport athlete: volleyball, basketball, and soccer. 

Just like any other individual, her life didn’t and doesn’t come without challenges. When Mrs. Vogel was in her twenties she was engaged to a man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. He checked every box on paper, but as she spent more and more time with him, she came to a realization: he was not the one. Thus, the engagement ended (after all of the wedding plans were already made and her dress already bought). 

“Again, through God’s gentle love, patience, and grace, he led me to a place of peace. He showed me that he had a plan and that I had to submit,” said Vogel. She knew the Lord had a plan, and decided to follow it, despite the intense heartache. She met her present-day husband at Westminster feeder school Kirk Day School, where she taught for a couple of years. Their friendship was their first priority, and that built a foundation that can not be broken.

“I truly have never known a day that I didn’t know that I was a sinner who needed a savior. I attribute that to a great church, great parents, and a gracious Lord,” said Vogel. It is clear that Mrs. Vogel values and continues to strengthen her faith, which makes her an amazing leader. We can all learn something from Mrs. Vogel: let the Lord lead the way. Trust in him, and trust in his decisions, no matter the level of difficulty.