Get to Know Your Principal: Mrs. Rohlfing

An inside look on her role, values, and motivations


Perhaps you’ve seen her walking through the hallways or sitting in her office, or you’ve had the privilege of being her student in the chemistry classroom. Mrs. Rohlfing, who has been an integral member of the Westminster community for 12 years now, currently works as the 9th and 10th grade principal and a sophomore chemistry teacher. Her valuable contributions to the student administration often take effect behind the scenes—yet daily she diligently seeks to meet the needs of both the students and faculty.

Mrs. Rohlfing is a woman of many hobbies and talents, ranging from sports to science to music, all of which she has been involved in during her time at Westminster. She asserts, “A schoolhouse is the best place to be when you have multiple interests.”

But outside of these varying interests, she has worked to support the curriculum, teachers as they deliver it, and students as they receive it. A large part of her work day consists of meeting with students, faculty, and staff to problem solve, coach teachers to create an effective learning environment, and identify issues by noticing and responding to trends. She specifically emphasizes the importance of the connection between teachers and students: “Building relationships with students is such a key part of what teachers do, and we must figure out how that plays out in the classroom.”

Her ultimate goal, as she affirms, is to give the students the very best experience possible. And in order to do so, she recognizes the importance of uplifting and training teachers. “When teachers feel supported and have clarity, it is evident to the student body. In order to learn you have to trust the teacher—that they know what they’re doing, that they can communicate well, that they follow through.”

The following two guiding questions help to direct her focus: “Do the kids feel safe and seen?” and “Do the teachers feel supported?”

Throughout her time at Westminster, Mrs. Rohlfing recalls that she has experienced immense growth in prioritizing the satisfaction of students and faculty. Under the mentorship of Mr. Hall during her earlier years and faced with certain challenges in administration, she has learned the importance of realizing what matters most and keeping it at the forefront. She finds deep fulfillment in assuring that the Westminster community feels seen and loved, genuinely wanting to hear their stories and support them through their journeys, wherever they are. Mrs. Rohlfing concludes, “This community is incredible. People will do whatever it takes for you. It is such a privilege to know it’s Kingdom work, that showing up each day matters even though it is difficult.”