“This Day… In American History”

Take an inside look at Westminster’s beloved history teacher, Dr. Gall.


Photo by: Ellie Jones

Dr. Gall in his classroom before teaching his first class of the day.

Meet Dr. Jeff Gall, graduate of Cornell College of Iowa. Born in 1954, he is the middle of two other brothers, Joe and Jim. He and his brothers were always fascinated with sports, like most boys, from a young age. They were especially enamored with baseball and football. Specifically the Mizzou Tigers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Dr. Gall’s father owned and operated a bowling alley in Independence, Missouri. He and his two brothers all worked there with their dad. “I was raised in the gutter,” said Gall. He was very close with his grandpa Gall, who he would describe as a devout Christian who endured uncomplicated life on the farm they owned. Dr. Gall loved going there to hunt and fish, along with spending quality time with his grandfather. He was also a World War I veteran who had amazing stories.

“My dad and grandfather loved reading, talking, and experiencing history. I was blessed to have been taken to lots of historical sites as a kid, and I was fascinated,” said Gall. He loves that he is able to carry on the traditions and morals of the two most important men in his life, especially the storytelling aspect.

In his 42 total years of teaching students, 23 have been on college campuses, and 19 in high schools. With his fifth year at Westminster, one of the joys is that he gets to work alongside his son, head of academic development, Micah Gall. Ironically enough, Dr. Gall’s son is his boss, along with his carpool buddy to school everyday. “I love telling people that I am 66 years old and I still drive my kid to school!” said Gall.

Dr. Gall would definitely say that teaching is one of his passions, and grows to love it more and more everyday. It was no question that he was meant to be a history teacher. “My love of history and my love of working with young people, the perfect combination. I also believed it provided a great opportunity to serve others and model my Christian faith,” said Gall. He concludes that teaching keeps the soul young, constantly being around young people. Laughter combined with learning is the perfect mix.