Kartplex at World Wide Technology Raceway

What has been happening in the world of kartplex?


CJ Francois

The kartplex worldwide raceway, in between races.

World Wide Technology Raceway is, to many, a racetrack that holds major car races and nothing else. However, there is another form of racing that not many people know about with go kart racing. This kind of racing is very fun and action packed.

Go kart racing is a very serious kind of racing at World Wide Technology Raceway. 

The name of the go kart track is called the Kartplex. This is the only go kart track inside an oval racetrack in the midwest. They are some of the fastest go karts that can be rented, clocking in at almost 60 miles per hour.

The track is 0.5 miles long and has many twists, turns, and a long straight. This one of the longest tracks in the midwest. Driving a go kart is actually not that difficult. Unlike a car, you use two feet to go and stop. Your left foot presses the brake and your right foot presses the accelerator. When cornering leaning into the turns will help you turn smoother. There are no gears or reverse on a go kart. This makes them simple and easy to drive. 

Renting the go karts is very easy. You either can reserve a kart in a public session if you are by yourself or have a private session if you are with a big group of people. You have to sign in and have a safety briefing before you drive the go karts. You must wear a head sock and a helmet when driving the go karts. Open toed shoes are not allowed. This is a safety risk, as your feet could get badly hurt if you are in a crash. Wearing closed toed shoes will help prevent this.

Many people who have tried go kart racing have loved it. They describe it as a thrilling experience. Anyone over the age of 12 can take the wheel of a go kart and race other opponents. If necessary, a booster seat can be used for short racers. The pedals and seats can be adjusted to fit your comfort. The first few laps that the go karts are driven, they are limited to around 25 miles per hour. As soon as everyone gets a feel for the karts, the full speed is unlocked. These karts are also speed limited if there is a crash. The speed is controlled by a remote control and receivers that limit the karts speed. Each session is 10 laps long. If a driver is driving recklessly, they will receive a warning, via flag. If they do not heed the warning, they will be disqualified and must return to the pits. Your times for each lap are able to be printed out, so you can see who got the fastest time.

The Kartplex is especially unique because you can actually buy race ready karts directly from the Kartplex. The karts for sale are called ignite karts, which are faster and lighter racing karts than the rentals. Anyone can buy these and can also rent out a garage. These garages are available for rent to anyone who has their own go kart. The garages provide plenty of room to work on your kart, plus it also has a bathroom and refrigerator in it.

The World Wide Technology Raceway Kartplex is definitely an extremely fun thing to do. The sensation of racing without anything holding you back is truly amazing. You get to experience what a race car driver would experience without paying for an expensive car. Overall, it is an experience that cannot be missed.