Top Homemade Christmas Gifts

It’s a common saying that everything’s better homemade. But does that apply to christmas? Would you want a homemade gift?


emma smith

Homemade christmas gifts are a good option for younger children.

Nobody wants to put on a mask and try to shove through the hundreds of other people trying to buy a gift; all, of course, while maintaining six feet of distance between you and them. And we could all use a special gift. Nothing expresses love like something made especially for you. Homemade gifts range from your basic Christmas recipe in a jar to a costume designed water bottle just for you. If there is any year for a homemade gift it’s 2020.

 Homemade Gifts can be better than any gift bought at a store because they have thought put into them. It’s easy to just find something anybody would like at the store and buy it, but it’s not easy to make a gift. Homemade gifts are special and powerful because they show love like no store-bought one can. The feeling you get from opening an amazon box is nothing compared to the feeling when you receive a Homemade gift. When it’s homemade you know someone didn’t just scroll through, find the cheapest version of the things they wanted to buy and ship it. They thought about it and they put in the work to make it, no matter how simple it is. So what are some popular homemade gifts you can make for Christmas in 2020?

Some of the most popular homemade gifts involve food. Pick a cute jar or water bottle and set to work filling it with their favourite sweets. Most importantly make it pretty. Pick several different kinds of candy that look good together: Christmas coloured wrappers or a combination of candy that will make your mouth water, and layer it inside your chosen jar. Candy canes in particular can be used to make all kinds of fun gifts. They can be the antlers of a reindeer, the cane for a marshmallow snowman, or the straw for a drink.  

If food is not your thing there are other options. Another great gift is something custom designed. You can custom design pretty much anything: a sticker, a phone case, a pair of shoes etc. whatever you think they would want the most to tailor it to their taste. You can decorate your chosen IDM with something Christmassy, something personal, or just something fun. 

If you want to stick more to the Christmas theme, make a snow globe. All you need is a jar or a Christmas ornament and some fake snow. You can buy a simple ornament at the store and then paint it! You can also draw, paint, or print out a picture, get it laminated, punch a hole in it, place a hook and you’re done! A perfect ornament. If you want to be really fancy, you can take a clear glass ornament and fill it with jingle bells, a Christmas tree branch, candy canes, fake snow, or something else Christmas-y. The result is a pretty, fancy ornament. Candles are also an easy Christmas themed gift. Grab a candle, stick it in a glass, and decorate the glass. You can decorate by using ribbons, paint, stickers, and more.  

Homemade gifts are easy to make and twice as effective as any other gift. They will bring someone happiness, and you will have fun making it!