2022 class president: Sam Vestal

An exclusive interview with the 2022 class president, sam vestal, hears what he has to say about stuco.

Sam Vestal is the fearless leader and the face of the class of 2022, alongside his many talents on the basketball court and his faithful leadership style. Sam has the unique ability to see students’ comments and concerns turned into a real plan of change. “Recently we had a meeting with the principals to discuss concerns of students regarding canvas and other tech problems,” Vestal said. Vestal enjoys helping formulate plans and solutions for problems that students bring to him and also the connections with the administrators and principals and peers of his. Stuco for Sam is really more than just student council and helping Westminster resolve problems but it is also carrying on his brother leagues since his brother helped start stuco. 

When asked if being a class president was hard, vestal answered “It can definitely be a challenge at times, just because you do have to manage a lot of different people, but I truly love the position I’m in,” vestal, junior said. Stuco is definitely a time commitment because it takes up a lot of afternoons and advisory time. 

Stuco in the past has run some events, so this year with covid everyone is probably wondering what kind of events will be held and which ones won’t be. Of course, homecoming and JSB are on hold, but that does not mean all events are on hold. When vestal was asked what students should look forward to he said, “We’re starting the process of dodgeball which is something that we do every year.  This year we are going to try some new things in an attempt to make it a little more fun and interactive even if you are not playing” Sam Vestal, junior, adds “While we still have to be careful with covid, ultimately our goal is to build a culture for students that allows them to enjoy their time here at WCA”. And of course, spirit week which the planning for that will start soon. 

When asked why Vestal ran for class president he had to say this, “The role of class president has always been a goal of mine, but it also allows me to utilize the leadership skills that God has blessed me with.  Honestly, I feel that the president position allows me to use my abilities to grow and build relationships with others”. 

Big thanks to Sam Vestal for this exclusive stuco interview, also thank you to stuco, they put in a lot of work and a lot of effort into making things happen. So next time you see your class president give them a salute.