2021 class president: Nicki Mabry


Nicki Mabry, the class of 2021 president of two years now, comes off as a sincere person who is genuinely interested in doing good for her community. So far, she has excelled in her role as class president and has found herself to be a natural born leader. Oddly enough, Mabry didn’t really see herself being class president at first. It was actually the encouragement of others that pushed her to run, and soon she began to realize she could utilize her leadership skills for the greater good: “basically I just wanted to do cool stuff for my class and for my school and be a part of conversations with school administrators,” Mabry said. One with the people, Mabry wants to be involved and represent student voices. She particularly stresses her love for talking to administrations, and even if no actual change can be done, she likes the opportunity she has anyway. Despite her initial hesitancy, Nikki Mabry really enjoys her involvement with stucco and being the senior class president: “I love the people and the work we get to do and the fact that I can be involved.”

So what should students be expecting from stuco soon? Nicki eluded to another service project after ITSOG comes to an end, along with an upcoming dodgeball tournament hopefully sometime in December and a capture the flag tournament that will likely be held in the spring. Stucco is also working on ways to make navigation through school easier for new students (and perhaps returning ones with a bad sense of direction, too).

As Stuco enters their second year, the senior class with Nicki Mabry as their president for both of said years, they have gathered new experience and grown. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the student body government has found a groove that satisfies them yet, not adverse to trying new methods so that they might find the perfect one and continue to grow: “We’re still learning a whole bunch. We changed formats from last year and we’ve already changed the formats of our meetings twice.” Mabry also said that COVID-19 and scheduling gave them a substantial curveball, one not necessarily harder, but different and new nonetheless. Despite the changes COVID forced them to make, stuco is handling it elegantly, finding creative and fun ways to stay safe while maintaining a sense of community. 

Nicki Mabry encourages all students to join, no matter what their skill set is. “No matter if you’re a people person or not, if you like having conversations with administrators or not, if you’re creative or not; there’s a place for everyone. […] Basically if you have ideas or if you’re willing to work hard, we want you.” Even students who are not a member of stuco are not only encouraged to raise their voices and present their ideas, but are welcome to participate in projects. This is ideal for students who can’t commit to stuco, but still want to have involvement. 

We’d like to thank stuco for all their hard work and commitment to bettering our school and advocating for us (and a thank you for Friday dress down days this year!). This is also a reminder to speak your opinions and share your ideas- you don’t have to be a stuco officer to make a difference.