Halloween Costumes: Should I Make or Buy?

Is it better to buy or make a Halloween costume?


emma harris

should you make or buy?

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and Halloween is just around the corner. The time has come to get your next costume. You look around for ideas and realize that you have a dilemma: should you buy or make your costume?  There are many opinions on the subject of costumes. Buying a costume might look better and be more time efficient, while making a costume is cheaper. If you put some time and effort into it, your self-made costume can actually look super cool. There are many places to find instructions on how to make costumes. Like pinterest, or other websites on your browser. A homemade costume would cost lower than $20. Some costumes that may look good homemade would be an animal costume. Making a costume that looks like an animal would not be hard to do, and you could make it look nice too.  A cow costume could be a white shirt and white pants with black dots.  Another costume that would look good would be a ghost. That is a very simple costume that you can have fun making. You can add a touch of creativity to the costume and customize it by adding your own colors, or your own details so that it looks unique. Other people choose to buy a costume. This way, the costume will be very precise to what you are trying to look like. Also, it is faster to get the costume, and you don’t have to spend time on making it. A store bought costume would cost as little as $5, but sometimes more.  One example of a costume that looks better when it’s store bought is like a costume of a character from a movie. That would be like a Harry Potter costume or a Disney princess costume. That way you can look precisely like the character because it’s hard to make a costume that looks precisely like a movie character. Another type of a costume that would look good store bought would be a costume of a sports player. That way you can get the player’s exact jersey, and the team’s exact uniform pants, helmet, and socks. After looking at the both of the options, it’s really whichever costume you want. Both options are good for different reasons. If you would like to save some money, make a costume. If you want an accurate costume, buy one.