Masks By Molly

Molly Kirby, freshmen, gave her time to make masks for her family and many others to help keep her community safe.

Molly Kirby
Molly poses with her mom in some of the masks that she made.

About two weeks ago Molly began to make her masks which she sells on a Facebook group.

“I noticed that whenever my dad went to the store to get groceries, he did not have [a mask] so I made him one, which ended up with me making my whole family one. My mom is in nursing school and works at Mercy. She also has friends that are in her class that also work there so I made them some too so they could also stay safe,” Molly said.

In order to make the masks she first gathers her materials which are wire, fabric (100% cotton), and elastic. Then she cuts the fabric and elastic to the set sizes, which are small masks for ages 1-4, medium sized masks for ages 5-10, and regular sized masks for ages 11-adults. After she has cut
the fabric and elastic to the selected size, she sews a small pocket to then thread the wire in, which is placed around the nose in order to create a better seal for the mask. She also makes sure to leave space in the masks for an optional filter. All together it takes her 20 minutes to make one mask.

“Also, they can be machine washed (we suggest putting them in a mesh bag) and laid flat to dry, you just have to re- shape the wire. And if they accidentally get put in the dryer, just iron them,” Molly explained.

Molly has masks available for purchase at this time. They are 1 for $10, 2 for $18, 3 for $27, 4 for $35 and can be found on her Facebook Page called MollyBands.

Big thanks to Molly for sparing her time to chat about her work and even bigger thanks to her for putting in long nights and days on these masks to keep her community safe.

Some of the masks that Molly has made, featuring fun prints and different sizes. (Molly Kirby)