Three Low Maintenance Pets that Love You as Much as You Love Them

Three under appreciated pets.

Sometimes, you just need a friend who doesn’t talk. And while a dog most certainly fills this need, they aren’t exactly low maintenance. They’re definitely a large commitment. However, a goldfish, which is insanely low maintenance and cheap, doesn’t exactly fulfill the companion you’re lacking like a dog will because they’re unable to show any sort of affection towards you. You need a pet who’s easy to take care of and who will love you\; a goldfish-dog. As my mom always says, she doesn’t want to love an animal that doesn’t love her. In agreeance to this statement, here are three low maintenance yet loving pets:

Dumbo Rat
“If you’d like to get a low-maintenance and unique pet rat, a Dumbo rat will be a perfect option because their big ears give them this adorable and unique appearance,” says the article “Dumbo Rat as a Pet” from Pet Comments. As someone who used to own Dumbo rats, I can confirm: they really are adorable, as well as playful and smart (in fact, they can even learn tricks), acting more as a mini dog. “Dumbo Rat – A Complete Guide to Dumbo Ear Rats,” an article on Squeaks And Nibbles, offers a plethora of information on them. For example, rats are social animals and can become lonely and depressed if not with another creature\; they’re actually able to die of loneliness. If you buy one, it is highly recommended you buy another, for you can’t keep your rat company all day. These adorable creatures cost about 10 to 20 dollars, and a well-cared-for one will live anywhere from two to three years. Buying one from a breeder instead of a pet store is preferable. Do know that any rat makes a good pet, not just Dumbo rats, but Dumbo rats are especially cute.

According to PetMD, “Ferrets make great pets. They are small, cuddly, and friendly.” These lanky creatures have a lifespan of about seven to ten years, the average cost of one being $100. Basic supplies, vaccinations, and veterinary examinations will cost you an additional $165 to $350. However, even though they are on the higher side of the price scale, ferrets are very social and playful as well as smart, and they’re able to learn a variety of tricks and run through homemade mazes. While getting a second ferret isn’t as crucial as a second Dumbo rat would be, getting a playmate for your ferret is still recommended. Ferrets are also not recommended for those with an acute sense of smell.

“A well-known secret of every cockatiel owner is that these birds are just as companionable as dogs or cats, and have unique personalities that can be read by their expressive faces,” writes Ann Leavit, a long-time running cockatiel owner, on PetHelpful. According to Leavit, who has owned numerous cockatiels in her life, not only are these birds cuddly, but they are also comical, each one having their own personality traits and phrases that will sometimes seemingly randomly sprout from their beak. Teaching your pet cockatiel what to say is also a fun aspect of owning this bird, and training it to do tricks will also bring you closer to your pet. These upbeat pets typically cost $150, though this can vary significantly. Along with this, a good cage will most likely cost you $200, not to mention that toys will cost an additional amount. However, the money you spend will be on a spirited, low maintenance friend that can live up to 18 years. Make sure you have the energy to let your pet bird out of its cage for at least an hour a day.

Animals can be a great company, but sometimes, you just don’t have the time to take your pet on long walks or invest an hour of your day solely on them. However, a goldfish or gecko, who are relatively easy care creatures, can’t quite keep you company as they’re unable to show affection like you want them to. That being said, a Dumbo rat, ferret, or cockatiel could be the perfect pet for you.