What’s in your Locker?

Your locker is like your home at school -- something that you are responsible for, so how will you use it?


Maggie Lindstrom

A high schooler’s locker is often messy compared to that of a middle schooler’s at WCA.

A locker is a small box-like space that is given to every student in the school. No matter the size, students are responsible for their own lockers. Some people choose to keep their lockers super clean and organized and even decorate them while others do not care about their space as much, leaving old food and drinks to rot and leak, as well as dirty clothes and old papers they have forgotten about.

But most importantly, every person is different which makes every locker unique even if they are all built the same. I personally choose to decorate my locker with wrapping paper on the walls and several magnets. But some people choose to keep the walls of their locker bare with maybe only a shelf inside. I also use my locker to store extra school supplies just in case I will ever need another binder or colored pencils or anything else for school.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers have many differences when it comes to locker styles. Middle schoolers are required to use their lockers to store their school supplies since they are not able to carry their backpacks from class to class.

Also, when middle schoolers were asked whether they have clean and organized lockers, the majority of them said their lockers were well-kept and tidy, making their supplies more accessible during their passing periods. However, when Sarah Moyer and Belle St. John, both sophomores, were asked about how organized their lockers are, they both admitted that they barely use their lockers, and if they do, they are rarely clean.

“I mainly use my locker for my lunch, and other than that it is normally empty,” said Lily Johnson, sophomore.

In high school, most students have the ability to wear their backpacks around during the day which eliminates the main use of the locker.

Also when the middle schoolers were asked if they decorate their lockers, most of the boys said no while the girls said yes, but they only had a couple of pictures or magnets. The majority of high schoolers, both boys and girls, did not decorate the interior of their lockers, but instead the outside of their lockers often become littered with sports team magnets or stickers from clubs they are involved in.

So, what does your locker look like?